‘Space – Shade – State’ Competition Information- Update


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Competition and Art Exhibition for Young people organized by the Programme of ‘Fine Art’ offered at the University of Nicosia in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire.

• A competition for young people aged between 17 and 21 (university students are excluded).
• The 3 top winners will receive a partial scholarship to the BA (Hons) Fine Art Programme offered at the University of Nicosia in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire. The prizes will be 50% tuition waver for first place and 35% tuition waver for second and third place.
• The candidates must fulfill the required entrance criteria, as outlined by the two universities.
• Twenty five of the submitted works will be selected to be exhibited at the Leventis Municipal Museum in Nicosia.

“For our house is our corner of the world”
Gaston Bachelard, “The Poetics of Space”, 1958

The thematic of this competition and art exhibition will deal with the multiple understandings of the social geographies of the ‘home’. The concept of home is both personal and universal. The competition uses the allegory as a starting point for exploring the multiple notions of the home, which today appear as something ambiguous and intensely charged due to particular sociopolitical conditions. The ‘home’ can metaphorically represent a building, a commonality, a homeland or an affiliation between groups of people. For example, the concept of home in Middle Eastern countries often becomes intertwined with feelings of loss, nostalgia and homesickness, due to the specific political problems within the area. However, at a time of international travel and globalized conditions of living, the ‘home’ acquires new meanings and understandings and is transformed through alternative modes of perception. The ‘home’ can be interpreted as a physical place where we live or the community we belong to or the part of the world that we are affiliated with.

Some of the notions that this competition and art exhibition aims to focus on are:

• The ‘home’ as a cultural space – a place where identity is formed.

• The domestic and public space of the city. The home as a realm which is something different to the public realm.

• The ‘home’ is also homeland. The homeland as a factor that transforms our sense of identity and where we belong and the idea of home away from the homeland.

• Reflection on the failures of contemporary economical systems (e.g. capitalism) and of war, which both leave buildings and homes empty and spaces unutilized.

• Homelessness.

• The understanding of ‘home’ as natural environment; therefore, not only as a human habitat and environment, but also of animals and plants.

The contest is subject to the following general and technical terms and conditions. The acceptance of the terms and conditions is an integral part for participation.

General Terms and Conditions
• Young people aged between 17 and 21 are allowed to compete (university students are excluded).
• Each piece will be judged separately and independently.
• Duration of the competition: Monday 26/11/2012 to Tuesday 02/04/2013.
• For the purposes of the competition those interested have to submit:
• 1. The final artwork; this can be submitted in a variety of forms including painting, drawing, printmaking (50cmx70 cm), photography, engraving, 3D installation, and sculpture. If it is an engraving, installation or sculpture, 10 (ten) photographs must be submitted depicting the creative process until the final stage.
2. Each entry, besides the visual part, must include a written supportive document of the creative content of the proposal (work title and a text of 200 words maximum).
3. The final piece and the written supporting document must be placed in a sealed white envelope. Each contestant must also submit a second sealed envelope with all personal information and contact details. A unique number will be given upon delivery at the Intercollege Administration Offices, University of Nicosia.
• Awards
1st prize — First year partial scholarship of 50% off the Programme fees.
2nd prize — First year partial scholarship of 35% off the Programme fees.
3rd prize — First year partial scholarship of 35% off the Programme fees.
• Twenty five of the submitted works will be selected to be exhibited at a location in Nicosia in spring of 2013; details will be announced at a later date.
• Each contestant, by submitting his/her work, grants the right to publish, display, present or use in any other way, in printed or electronic format, part or all of his/her work to the organizer (University of Nicosia).
• All contestants must submit the following details: full name, correspondence address, mobile telephone number and email address. This information will be unavailable to the jury members. Each submission will be given a number and this will be the only form of identification that will be made available to the jury. The rest of the information will be confidential and will be revealed after the decision of the panel.
• Each work must be original, i.e. not a copy or a variation of another Artist’s work. The judging committee will decide on the authenticity of each work.
• In case the winner is under 18 years of age, the receipt of his/her prize must take place in the presence of a parent/guardian.
• The processing of the contestants’ personal data will be made according to the provisions of Law 138(I), as applicable, only and exclusively for the needs of conducting the contest and according to the terms of the present contest by the University of Nicosia and will not be used for any other purpose in the future. The said personal data will be destroyed within a reasonable time after the contest is concluded.
• University of Nicosia reserves the right to cancel the contest, alter the duration of the contest or to change any term of the contest at any time, as long as it is necessary at its absolute discretion. Any changes will be announced either through an advertisement/notice to the media or on the website https://fineartcourseuhcy.wordpress.com/. The above mentioned amendments will be binding to all contestants and University of Nicosia assumes no responsibility regarding such changes.
• The winners will be announced on the Fine Art University of Nicosia website https://fineartcourseuhcy.wordpress.com/ following the decision of the committee, by May 2013. The winners will be notified by telephone.
• The decision of the judging committee will be final.
• Please deliver your submissions to the Intercollege Offices EU19, EU20 & EU21, University of Nicosia, 46 Makedonitissas Avenue, 1700, Nicosia. Tel. +35722841500.

For more information please visit,
Or contact Mr Yiannis Hadjipanayis,
hadjipanayis.i@intercollege.ac.cy, +35722842522


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